Reply introduces LoopMind, the solution designed to ensure monitoring, security, and compliance in processes that utilise artificial intelligence. Developed by Sprint Reply, a company within the Reply Group specialising in Hyper Automation, LoopMind enables a controlled and efficient environment for integrating AI into existing workflows, allowing organisations to confidently adopt this new technology. With its monitoring capabilities, LoopMind provides operators with full visibility into workflows and automated operations using AI, in compliance with the standards established by the European AI Act.

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LoopMind is the solution developed by Sprint Reply to ensure control, security and compliance in the use of Generative AI within business processes. Thanks to advanced monitoring features, which use generative AI models, it offers operators complete visibility on workflows and automated operations thanks to AI, supporting compliance with the standards established by the European AI Act. (Graphic: Business Wire)

LoopMind keeps human intervention central in business processes, involving operators when necessary. The "Human-in-the-Loop" approach combines the best of technology with team expertise. Additionally, the platform archives and records all information related to AI-based operations, enabling monitoring and performance maintenance even with changes in the nature of monitored data.

Flexible and versatile, LoopMind adapts to the specific needs of each company. Its architecture allows the use of various AI models such as those from OpenAI, Meta, Google, and Anthropic, and seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructures. The solution provides near real-time control over AI operations in workflows, intercepting potential errors and preventing regulatory violations.

With applications in multiple sectors, from Financial Services to Manufacturing, LoopMind can support various use cases that utilise Generative AI, such as querying unstructured data found in contracts or regulations, or automating complex processes like customer service.

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Sprint Reply

Sprint Reply is the company within the Reply Group specialising in Hyper Automation. Our mission is to develop automation platforms capable of solving specific business problems, supporting our clients in the transformation towards the Intelligent Enterprise and the adoption of a scalable and efficient Digital Workforce. At Sprint Reply, we combine an execution-oriented engineering approach with strong expertise in four technology families: Robotic Process Automation, Computer Vision & ICR, AI & Machine Learning, and Process Mining, dedicating constant attention to R&D on various Artificial Intelligence topics.

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