International sleep expert Matthew Walker signs manifesto aimed at getting everyone in the Netherlands to sleep better

With the aim of helping Dutch people get a better night's rest, Beter Bed has launched a manifesto for improving sleep. Sleep deprivation can affect your body, brain and life expectancy. Matthew Walker, an internationally renowned sleep scientist and author of 'Why We Sleep' and TEDx speaker with more than 16 million views, recognises the problem and supports the manifesto with his first signature. 

Shaking the Netherlands awake Sleeping well makes you happier, more productive and healthier. One in five Dutch people suffers from some form of sleep deprivation. We can safely say there’s a social problem. It’s time for the whole of the Netherlands to wake up and realise the importance of better sleep, because right now not enough attention is being paid to preventing sleep problems.

Manifesto launchIn order to emphasise the importance of better sleep, Beter Bed has published a manifesto. The sleep specialist calls on the whole of the sleeping Netherlands to support him in his mission to put the importance of better sleep on the agenda. The aim is to encourage better sleep behaviour and provide more information to address this social problem. 

With this in mind, Beter Bed has brought renowned sleep scientist Matthew Walker to the Netherlands to update the press and Dutch people on the impact of this problem via a livestream. Watch the talk here. “If 50-60% of the entire population were to get more sleep, it would save millions of euros in healthcare spending,” said Walker, who supports the manifesto with his signature. 

Beter Bed believes and promises that everyone can sleep better and will do its utmost in the coming period to fulfil this promise by working to increase awareness of the importance of sleep. Through its own platforms, but also through ambassadors and its network of specialists and scientists.

John Kruijssen, CEO of Beter Bed: "We see that a select, but growing group of Dutch people is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sleeping better, and the media are also paying more attention to this. Nevertheless, the figures do not lie and there is still a huge amount of work to be done. We therefore call on everyone to support us in our mission to put the importance of better sleep on the agenda. In this way, together we can turn a social problem into a social opportunity: better sleep and therefore better life.”

Sign the manifesto and help the whole of the Netherlands sleep better:

About Beter Bed HoldingBeter Bed Holding (BBH) is the Netherlands’ leading sleep specialist in retail, wholesale and B2B. Our mission is simple. We believe that the better we sleep, the happier, healthier and more productive we are. And we won’t rest until everyone gets the high-quality sleep they deserve. Listed on Euronext Amsterdam, BBH operates the successful retail brands Beter Bed, Beddenreus, the new subscription brand Leazzzy and the digital organisation LUNEXT. In addition, through its subsidiary DBC International, BBH has a wholesale business in branded products in the bedroom furnishings sector, which includes the well-known international brand M line.

With 4 distribution centres, a fleet of 80 vehicles, 134 stores, a fast-growing online presence, and a wholesale company our team of over 1,000 dedicated employees generated € 214.2 million revenue in 2021.

Providing expert sleep advice is at the very heart of our strategy, and thanks to our revolutionary ‘Beter Slapen ID’ tool, our sleep consultants help customers to get the perfect night’s sleep. BBH is proud that M line is the official sleep supplier of AFC Ajax, TeamNL, Jumbo-Visma, NOC*NSF and the KNVB.

For more information Press enquiries: Uneke Dekkers / CFF Communications T +31 (0)20 575 4010 or M +31 (0)6 50261626 E

Please click on the link under attachments for the PDF version of the press release. 

Press photos can be downloaded here.


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