23% increase in total revenues

Very strong growth in catalogue sales, almost doubled

7 new series greenlit

Guidance confirmed: €110 million cumulative operating revenue1 over 2022-2023

Regulatory News:

Xilam Animation (ISIN Code: FR0004034072, Mnemonic: XIL) (Paris:XIL), an independent company for the production and distribution of animated programmes, announces its turnover for the first half of the 2022 financial year, drawn up on 30 June 2022.

Marc du Pontavice, CEO of Xilam, stated: “The first half of 2022 demonstrates the strength of the Xilam model, which has been able to launch the production of no less than 7 series in just one six-month period. In an extremely buoyant environment, Xilam has the best assets for seizing new growth opportunities: the ability to work on both proprietary and non-proprietary productions for the most demanding of principals, and the creativity to tackle all segments, from pre-school to adult. Boosted by this dynamic, the Group is confirming its goal for the 2022-2023 cycle.”

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Total operating revenues




(1) unaudited data (2) exclusive of audiovisual tax credit (3) including an estimate of the audiovisual tax credit

23% increase in total revenues and other income in the first half of 2022

The total revenues and other income of the Xilam Group reached €16.5 million on 30 June 2022, an increase of 23% compared to the first six months of 2021. This increase stems from the surge in new productions and developments sales, up 23% to reach €9.7 million. Above all, total catalogue products grew sharply, as expected, to almost double at €4.9 million. On the other hand, new production grants were down 37%, considering the high number of series produced on behalf of third parties over the six-month period.

This level of turnover follows Xilam’s historic seasonality, which is traditionally displayed by higher revenue over the second half of the year.

This first half-year also confirms the Xilam Group’s strong presence internationally (74% of sales) and on the digital platforms (67% of sales).

During the first half of 2022, deliveries of proprietary programmes included the completion of the series Oggy and the Cockroaches - Next Gen, acquired by Gulli for France and Netflix for worldwide distribution under the Netflix Original label, but also Pfffirates for TF1. Xilam also continued to deliver episodes of Karate Sheep (ex-Trico) to Netflix (still under the Netflix Original label), Mr Magoo 2 to France Télévisions and ITV, as well as the beginning of season 5 of Kaeloo for Canal+.

Xilam is also continuing executive production of three non-proprietary programmes: Chip 'n Dale 2 (Tic et Tac) and The Doomies for Disney+, as well as The Seven Bears for Folivari and Netflix.

Record level of new production launches

During the first half year, Xilam started the production of seven new series, which is a record in the history of French production and bears witness to not only the group’s creativity and its drawing power, to both creative talents and majors, but also to the quality of its “industrial” organization, which is capable of absorbing this rapid ramp-up. These 7 series also demonstrate the Group’s artistic and technical flexibility that allow it to handle every genre and tackle a wide variety of targets.

For the teen-adult segment, the group has launched the production on two series: on the one hand The Doomies (22 half-hour programmes), a comedy horror created in the studio on behalf of the Disney+ platform; On the other hand, another series (9 half-hour programmes) on behalf of Netflix, created by a major Hollywood name and that will form the subject of a later announcement.

For the family market, Xilam has launched the production of the second season of Chip & Dale, namely 18 half-hour programmes for Disney+, but also, the series The Seven Bears (13 half-hour CGI programmes) on behalf of Folivari and Netflix.

Lastly, for children, Xilam has launched production of three new series: the fourth season of Zig & Sharko for the M6-Gulli Group (26 half-hour programmes), the second season of the Lupin’s Tales for France Télévisions (26 half-hour programmes) and a new original creation by the studio entitled Buddybot, also for France Télévisions (26 half-hour programmes).

Towards a new catalogue products level

Total catalogue products are growing sharply, up 97%, to reach €4.9 million. Buoyed by the richness and depth of its catalogue, stimulated by the regular launch of new seasons, the group confirms the expected growth in its catalogue products over the next few years, with a new level of approximately €12 million, which should be reached as of this year.

Solid goals and prospects: confirmation of the 2022-2023 guidance

In an extremely fast-growing environment, supported by record investments in digital platforms, Xilam is able to confirm the cumulative operating revenues guidance of €110 million for the 2022-2023 cycle.

In accordance with the Ambition 2026 plan, Xilam intends to double its revenue to approximately €80 million by this date.

Agenda Publication of H1-2022 results: 29 September 2022 (after market closing)

About Xilam As a major player in the animation industry, Xilam is an integrated studio founded in 1999 that creates, produces and distributes original programmes in more than 190 countries for children and adults, broadcast on television and on SVoD (Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, NBC Universal, etc.) and AVoD (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) platforms. With a global reputation for creativity and its capacity for innovation, an editorial and commercial expertise at the forefront of its industry, Xilam is positioned as a key player in a fast-growing market. Each year, Xilam, builds on its real successes and capitalises on powerful historical brands (Oggy and the Cockroaches, Zig & Sharko, Chicky, etc.) and new brands (Oggy Oggy in the pre-school sector, Mr. Magoo, Trico, etc.) which are consolidating and expanding a significant catalogue of more the 2,700 episodes and 3 feature films including the Oscar-nominated I Lost My Body. Xilam has unique GCI skills. Xilam employs more than 500 people, including 400 artists, across its studios in Paris, Lyon, Angoulême and Hô-Chi-Minh in Vietnam. Xilam is listed on Euronext Paris Compartment B - PEA - SRD long Eligibility

1 Total operating revenue

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