Dean A. Del Vecchio, the undersigned, who is deemed to be an

executive officer of PPL Corporation (the "Company"), a

Pennsylvania corporation, as of the commencement of his employment

with the company, hereby appoints Wendy E. Stark, Jeffrey R.

Jankowski, Bree F. Archambault and Wayne Eric Marr, and each of

them, his true and lawful attorneys-in-fact to execute for

the undersigned and file in his name all Securities and Exchange

Commission ("SEC") forms regarding ownership of Company securities

as required of the undersigned under the provisions of the

Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934,

each as amended, and regulations of the SEC. The undersigned hereby

grants to each such attorney full power and authority to do and

perform in the name of and on behalf of the undersigned, and in any

and all capacities, any act and thing whatsoever required or

necessary to be done for such purposes, as fully and to all intents

and purposes as the undersigned might do, hereby ratifying and

approving the acts of each such attorney.


This Power of Attorney shall remain in full force and effect until the

undersigned is no longer required to file such SEC forms, unless earlier

revoked by the undersigned in a signed writing delivered to the foregoing



IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has hereunto set his hand this 9th

day of February 2024.



/s/Dean A. Del Vecchio


Dean A. Del Vecchio



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