Cryptocurrencies On The Forefront Fighting COVID-19

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- May 05, 2020 -- ADVFN Crypto NewsWire -- The fight against COVID-19 constitutes an unprecedented challenge for the entire world, putting a whole globe to a stop. We have never experienced anything of this magnitude before other than watching it on our TV screens in a Sci-Fi movie. No country or economy is spared, no data is available; one could refer to giving a clue for future predictions. The Financial Times speaks of a “collapsing world economy” caused by a microbe.

In another Financial Times article it states, “This pandemic will not spare any country, no matter how advanced its economy, capabilities, or technology. Before this virus, we are all equal and must work together to beat it. We are confident that if we pool our knowledge and our efforts we can and will be saved by human ingenuity. Let’s accomplish this in a spirit of solidarity, caring for everyone, be they poor or rich, old or young, woman or man. It will save lives. It will bring out the best in all of us. And it will make tomorrow’s world a better place.”

Global Collaboration On All Frontlines

In response, many countries are taking numerous internal measures to prevent the virus from spreading further, and to mitigate the consequences of the crisis. Country leaders are coming together calling for unity and global alliances to fight against COVID-19 [Link].

Microsoft, Google, and IBM have teamed up in the global effort to combat misinformation or are making computing power available along with other donations [Link]. Many charitable organizations and philanthropists from various industries have come forward to offer their support.

And so has the cryptocurrency sector. Anyone who has been following the news has noticed cryptocurrency companies making headlines throughout these past weeks by being at the forefront in an attempt to make a contribution towards the relief efforts surrounding COVID-19. Many crypto companies are offering their services for free or seeking out collaborations with others to provide value and aid. 

Anyone who has been keeping up with the news has noticed cryptocurrency companies making headlines throughout these past weeks. Be it through donations, free services, or collaborations. To find out which cryptocurrency firms have joined the fight and are contributing towards the relief efforts surrounding COVID-19 visit: