Codex Beauty, March 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Female scientists and beauty and wellness brand founders/CEOs, Carol Christopher, Ph.D., Elsa Jungman, Ph.D., and Barbara Paldus, Ph.D., with the guidance of Odile Roujol, Founder of FaB Fashion & BeautyTech community, founded the Science of Beauty Collective to redefine industry standards, support female brand founders, and offer a new approach to beauty.

With the beauty and wellness industry saturated with seemingly interchangeable terms like "anti-aging", "clean", "natural", "green", and "non-toxic" it can be difficult for consumers to understand what these slogans actually mean. Realizing this void, the Science of Beauty Collective has a mission to bring transparency to the industry, and to challenge industry leaders to create better products for consumers that are backed by data and science.

"Talking with Carol and Barbara (just before the pandemic), we had this idea to build awareness of how science is used in beauty, and to help other founders. Through these conversations and identifying voids in the industry, The Science of Beauty Collective was born, in San Francisco! We took the time to gather multicultural leaders - all equally science-minded - and that has reinforced the need to help people to find the right information and scientific approaches to beauty. We are a movement," says Elsa Jungman, Ph.D., CEO of Dr. Elsa Jungman (

"We want our industry to be data-driven and transparent in all aspects of bringing a product to market: ingredients, sourcing, safety testing, manufacturing, and sustainability. Consumers deserve products that perform safely and are supported with scientific data in order for them to make informed decisions about their purchases," Carol Christopher, Ph.D., CEO of Ellis Day Skin Science ( shares. "However, we are not regulators and we don't want to police other brands. Instead, we are calling on brand founders to commit to a higher standard in the market. Through the Science of Beauty Collective, we offer these founders education, resources, and support regardless of where they are in their brand's journey."

The Science of Beauty Collective is sharing their combined industry expertise to enable others to design and conduct experiments and studies, generate data to validate the value of products, and ultimately build better products. "What started as a Slack channel and informal weekly Zoom meetings has turned into a shared mission: a community of female founders in beauty and wellness who value science, data and transparency and want to work with other like-minded women," states Barbara Paldus, Ph.D., CEO of Codex Beauty (

The Science of Beauty Collective offers:

  • Support for new female founders/CEOs in adhering to a higher scientific standard.
  • Networking and connection with other science-focused women leading beauty companies.
  • Building awareness among the media and investors of the value that science & technology bring to the beauty industry.
  • Quarterly Zoom meetings with Scientific and Subject Area Experts in our group to share experience & key learnings.
  • Slack community where we can lean on each other for questions, resources, information and fact checking.
  • Designated mentorship hours for emerging female founders.

Learn more at or email us at to join the conversation and be invited to the Slack channel.

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