Wendel wins the 2021 Grand Prix de la Transparence, all categories

PRESS RELEASE – 10.07.2021 

Wendel wins the 2021 Grand Prix de la Transparence, all categories

Conducted every year by an independent advisory committee, the corporate transparency awards cover the 4 key public information documents published by SBF 120 companies organized under French law. The methodology is based on four pillars: accessibility, accuracy, comparability and availability of information.

Each year, these awards enable issuers to measure their performance with regard to transparency and to identify the market’s best practices.

After having been ranked at the fourth position in 2020, Wendel SE has been awarded yesterday the 2021 Grand Prix de la Transparence award, for all categories.

This award places Wendel at the top of all SBF 120 companies for the quality and transparency of all its financial and non-financial communications practices, and also rewards the deployment and the information provided on its ESG strategy.Wendel was also nominated in the Ethics Charter and for the Extra financial information Grand Prize awards categories.

The constant attention and improvements brought into the documents provided to investors and all stakeholders (Universal Registration Document, invitation to the Annual General Meeting of shareholders, website, code of ethics and ESG information) resulted in Wendel earning again this year the "Gold" label, attributed to companies that have obtained a transparency rating more than 30% higher than the average of all SBF 120 companies.

Jérôme Michiels, Executive Vice-President and CFO of Wendel SE, said: “Wendel is very proud to receive the 2021 Grand Prix de la Transparence award, all categories. The Grand Prix is a tangible recognition of the collective effort and expertise of our entire corporate team. It rewards the efforts Wendel has devoted to offering our shareholders and investors a set of documents and information media that meet the highest standards in financial and extra financial communication.”

About the Grands Prix:

For the last 12 years, the Grands Prix de la Transparence, certified by Bureau Veritas Certification, has rewarded the quality of regulatory information published by SPF 120 companies organized under French law. This not-for-profit event is free of charge and open to all issuers. The objective is to enable issuers to measure their performance every year in terms of transparency, identify best practices and showcase them as examples of excellence. Every year, the quality demanded increases but the purpose behind the Grands Prix remains the same: transparency creates trust and, as a result, value for companies and their stakeholders. The Transparency Awards have now existed for three years in the United States. Winners of the initial editions have included Coca-Cola, GE and BlackRock.

The Grands Prix de la Transparence have been organized since 2009 by Labrador at its own expense. Labrador is an expert in corporate information education, and has the support of numerous market institutions and associations: the Association française de gestion financière (AFG), Euronext, the Fédération des investisseurs individuels et des clubs d’investissement (F2iC), the Institut français des administrateurs (IFA), Paris Europlace, the Société française des analystes financiers (SFAF) and others. They form an advisory committee representing all the major readers of corporate information and guaranteeing the independence and objectivity of the Grands Prix. 

The methodology is certified by an independent third party, and the group of companies evaluated remains stable; there is no application process.



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About Wendel

Wendel is one of Europe's leading listed investment firms. The Group invests in Europe and North America in companies which are leaders in their field, such as Bureau Veritas, Tarkett, Cromology, Stahl, IHS, Constantia Flexibles, and Crisis Prevention Institute. Wendel often plays an active role as a controlling or significant shareholder in its portfolio companies. Wendel seeks to implement long-term development strategies, which involve boosting growth and margins of companies so as to enhance their leading market positions.

Wendel is listed on Eurolist by Euronext Paris.

Standard & Poor’s ratings: Long-term: BBB, stable outlook – Short-term: A-2 since January 25, 2019

Moody’s ratings: Long-term: Baa2, stable outlook – Short-term: P-2 since September 5, 2018

Wendel is the Founding Sponsor of Centre Pompidou-Metz. In recognition of its long-term patronage of the arts, Wendel received the distinction of “Grand Mécène de la Culture” in 2012.

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