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THERACLION (ISIN: FR0010120402; Mnemo: ALTHE) (Paris:ALTHE), an innovative company developing a robotic platform for non-invasive echotherapy, shared its clinical advances at the International Symposium of Focused Ultrasound Bethesda (USA) which ended on October 27th: the opportunity for Theraclion’s key opinion leaders to present to the scientific community their ongoing work in the management of varicose veins, thyroid nodules and breast cancer.

SONOVEIN®: similar success rates to "invasive" techniques

The latest advances of SONOVEIN® in addition to studies already carried out or in progress validate the effectiveness of this non-invasive solution at a level like that of thermal endovascular techniques. Unlike with other techniques, patients can be treated and resume normal activity immediately. Dr. Steve Elias, Director of the Center for Venous Diseases at Englewood Hospital (New Jersey) presented top-line results from 20 patients treated with SONOVEIN® HD, all enrolled in an FDA-approved clinical trial. 95% of cases had no reflux after one week – this percentage grew to 100% for the patients seen at the end of the 3-month observation period. Dr. Ruben Rodriguez Carvajal, Director of the International Vascular and Endovascular Institute of Marbella (Spain) presented preliminary results on 47 patients treated with SONOVEIN®S. These data show an overall average occlusion rate of 90% of veins treated after 3 months. According to him, "echotherapy is the treatment of the future".

Echopulse®, excellent results for the treatment of thyroid nodules without surgery

Numerous clinical studies have shown that HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment is effective in reducing the volume of symptomatic thyroid nodules, but also in relieving symptoms. This is what was highlighted by Pr. Brian Lang, Chief of Division of Endocrine Surgery at Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong (China): His study with a 2-year follow-up (108 patients) consisted of performing a single session HIFU ablation of benign thyroid nodules and showed a reduction in volume of 70%.

According to him, Echopulse® technology is an effective and safe treatment for benign thyroid nodules, with similar efficacy to so-called "minimally invasive" techniques. A single ablation session can significantly reduce the nodule size and improve symptoms, unlike laser and radiofrequency techniques which often require more than one session in his experience.

Theraclion's technology in the treatment of breast cancer

After a successful first collaboration with patients with advanced breast cancer, the University of Virginia Cancer Center (UVA) has expanded the use of Theraclion's technology to a Phase 2 for early-stage breast cancer.

Prof. David Brenin, Head of Breast and Melanoma Surgical Services at UVA, presented this ongoing study evaluating the combined effect of Theraclion's focused ultrasound and low-dose chemotherapy in patients with early-stage breast cancer. Started only a few months ago, this first study evaluates whether this combination decreases myeloid-derived suppressor cells and thus increases the immune response of patients. If proven effective, this combination treatment could offer patients with early-stage breast cancer a better chance of survival. 3 patients are currently being treated.

About Theraclion At Theraclion we believe that surgery, as we know it, is outdated. It converts optimistic patients into anxious individuals, brilliant doctors into exhausted system executors and stretches healthcare systems to the limit. We have disrupted this convention by creating extracorporeal treatment platforms. We replace surgery with a robotic treatment from outside the body using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). Our leading edge echotherapy platforms are currently CE marked in non-invasive treatment of varicose veins with SONOVEIN® and of breast fibroadenomas and thyroid nodules with Echopulse®. Located in Malakoff, near Paris, our employees live and breathe innovation by extensive clinical research and harness artificial intelligence. The market of varicose veins treatment alone requires around 5 million procedures annually. It is a dynamic market in which we change paradigms by making non-invasive echotherapy the new standard. For more information, please visit and our patient website

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