Awardee of the “Expedite the industrial transition” initiative

Regulatory News:

Baikowski® (Paris:ALBKK), a world specialist in the manufacture of ultra-pure alumina powders and formulations, fine oxides and composites, announces that it has been selected by The French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME), to participate in the “Expedite the industrial transition” initiative, an experiment aimed at promoting industrial decarbonization and the energy transition.

ADEME's initiative is part of a context where industry accounts for 20% of France's greenhouse gas emissions, and where the stakes are high, such as carbon neutrality by 2050.

Baikowski will take part in the experiment consisting in the opportunity study of the low-carbon energy mix of the Poisy site (Haute-Savoie), benefiting from the subsidized support of INDDIGO, to accelerate their decarbonization.

Benoît GRENOT, CEO of Baikowski, comments: “This new step allows us to move forward in a structured manner in the future adaptation of the Poisy site. Faced with the challenges of climate change, we are implementing measures on a daily basis that attempt to have a positive impact on our industry and our planet, while decarbonizing our business.”.

This is a great opportunity for the company to commit to an approach that is fully in line with the Group's strategic objectives in order to continue Baikowski's transformation towards less carbon-intensive and more responsible activities.

About Baikowski® : Baikowski® has existed for a hundred years and is a leading manufacturer of specialist industrial minerals and, more particularly, of ultra-pure alumina powders and formulations, as well as of other high-quality oxides and composites such as spinel, ZTA, YAG and cerium for technical ceramic applications, precision polishing, crystals and additives or coverings. The quality of Baikowski®’s products is appreciated by a variety of high-tech markets including the lighting, watchmaking, mobile phone, microelectronic, automotive, defense and medical industries.

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Baikowski (EU:ALBKK)
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Baikowski (EU:ALBKK)
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